Coalition Cartel is a member driven marketplace. where membership gives you access to premium products at wholesale prices.

I don't know about you, but two things about the retail environment that have always bothered me are;

  1. How badly suppliers are generally treated and

  2. The disparity in price between what a supplier sells their products to the retailers for by comparison to the MASSIVE price customers end up paying.

Both supplier and customer generally get the short end of the stick. Having operated on both sides of the spectrum and seen how greedy and malicious some retailers are, I decided to develop an environment that would serve both suppliers and customers.

How are we achieving this, you may be asking? Coalition Cartel is a member driven marketplace. Where the membership fee allows us to administer and run the service, without placing a large burden on suppliers or consumers.

Suppliers - sell products with zero hassle.

  • No listing fee

  • No transaction fee

  • No fulfilment fee

If you are looking to grow your distribution footprint, are looking for a channel that will help you grow your business without excessive, complicated and undisclosed fees and are tired of being squeezed on margins - then talk to us

We are looking for suppliers of premium products across a broad spectrum and would love to help you build and grow your business.

Consumers - quality products at wholesale prices means you get to live your best life as well as save cash.

Membership is £10 per month, (if you decide you can't live without the service however if you just need a single product you can cancel your membership at any time).

The savings you make off a single purchase far outweigh the membership fee, so even if you join the service just to buy a single product, you SAVE.

We level out unfair cost disparities or extra mark-ups to provide everyone with the means to live luxuriously, whilst spending sensibly

We are in startup phase, and are working very hard to get reputable suppliers on board. So right now we may not have what you are looking for but if you would like to be updated on new products and suppliers as they join us, please sign up to be notified by email here.

We value all feedback, suggestions and recommendations. If you have any you would like to offer on services and products you would like to see or general feedback please reach out to me directly here

Look forward to connecting.