Coalition Cartel is marketplace designed to transform the retail landscape for independent retailers.

Our Solution

Coalition Cartel is a member-driven marketplace offering artisanal manufacturers and independent retailers access to a global pool of promoters (member affiliates) who are incentivised to promote products that resonate with them. 

Our Vision

As a member of Coalition Cartel, you gain access to a vast network of people who will promote your products. In return this platform will afford its members an ability to earn an additional income through these promotions. It's a sustainable marketplace where everyone wins.

Why an Affiliate Platform?

Having observed the landscape of digital and affiliate marketing, we concluded that an affiliate platform would best serve independent retailers and artisanal manufacturers. Our platform allows any member to promote products they love and earn a commission on each sale.


Wider Audience: Promote products to a broader audience.

Income Generation: Earn commissions by promoting products you genuinely love.

Global Access: Discover and share unique products from around the world.

Personal Inspiration

As a young teenager, I was struck by the beauty of a unique bicycle a friend brought back from his holiday in Italy. It was a Coppi that had the latest Campagnolo group set. This experience highlighted the joy of discovering unique products, a joy I wish to share through Coalition Cartel.

Join Us

We are in the early phases of our journey, and I invite you to join us. If you’re interested in taking this journey with me, please get in touch.

Please note; we will not facilitate the promotion of products from Alibaba or Amazon, nor will we work with company's that hold a monopoly over any one industry. This service is exclusively for independent retailers and manufacturers.