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Coalition Cartel - a member driven marketplace. where membership gives you access to premium products at wholesale prices.

The entire world changed when a brave explorer named Marco Polo returned from the mysterious East. His caravan train was laden with exotic fabrics, spices and other coveted goods never seen before. At first only the wealthy aristocrats could afford these new luxuries, but over time many more people began to enjoy them as wealth spread throughout society.

We live in a different world today. While we work hard and have more money, there are so many more things to budget for – car repayments, insurance premiums, medical aid, education. We are theoretically "well off”, but we are not actually living life in abundance. We buy generic products as they're the most accessible and affordable. Only rarely do we have the chance to experience the other world of bespoke, choice goods. Products that use better materials than the rest, often individually crafted. The world we see in the aspirational magazines we flip through while waiting to see the doctor or an investment advisor. We know it exists and that the fortunate few enjoy it, but it seems out of our reach.

Now we can change that.

We have new technologies that we can use to buy things. We do not have to accept the status quo as the only option anymore. We no longer have to make the best of it – we can have the best. There are ways to make the unaffordable affordable and to live life in abundance, by working together intelligently.

This is what we are doing at Coalition Cartel. Together we are going to create our own new experience of the retail world and make those sought-after products affordable and available to you all of the time. Coalition Cartel will source exceptional products from around the world and bring them directly to you. These range from the world's most highly desirable products to bespoke items that only those in the know seem to find. The perfect handmade bicycle from a craftsman in Belgium or the sublime skincare lotions from the Dead Sea – or new ways to commute that appeal to your sense of adventure while caring for the environment.

Live luxuriously, spend sensibly.

We are bringing you a wide variety of lifestyle products at their cost, with no markups. Think of Black Friday every day – with selected, sought-after goods just for you.

The products we source are out of this world, but you'll get them at down-to-earth value. Here you can get those specific items you desire without any markups: you only pay what they are actually worth. Not every now and then or when they happen to be available – you will always be able to get the best as a Coalition Cartel member. We are constantly searching the globe for the most innovative new products just for our members. You will see items you have not yet heard of that you can buy before everyone else.

Think of Black Friday every day – except with the most sought-after goods just for you. You can get everything from health and beauty products to electronics and urban mobility wares, like scooters and bikes. We also have all the activewear you need, and Water Sports gear for all manner of aquatic pastimes.

We are levelling the playing field right now, for you to access this select world of choice products, always paying only what they are worth. And enjoy that smile of satisfaction when a friend asks you how on earth you managed to get them.

Join us and change your world.

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